Character Club

Lead Teacher: Monica Sudbury

Co Teacher: Courtney Carnley

Boost your self esteem and learn social skills to help you deal with difficult situations fthat may arise at home or at school.

Spanish Club

Lead Teacher: Irma Pena

Co Teacher: Frances Torres

Provide a conversational environment for students wanting to learn Spanish.

Lego Club

Lead Teacher: Marissa Romero

Co Teacher:  Sonja Ledesma

Using creativity the students will create a Lego statue, illustrate and write about it.

Go Noodle Club

Lead Teacher:  Olga Garcia

Co Teacher:  Daniela Flores

Providing a safe environment to exercise, dance and move around.

Geography Club

Lead Teacher: Rebecca Anderson

Co Teacher: Lynnette Leija

Explore the world through fun activities - games, dance, songs, art and crafts, google earth, books, short informational movies from countries around the globe.

Math Pentathalon

Lead Teacher:  Jennifer Russell

Co Teacher: Coby Welch

Come learn some fun math games and strategies for number sense.


Lead Teacher: Jeff Lasseter

Co Teacher: Kathy Forbes



Rain Forest Readers' Theater

Lead Teacher: Kevin Dodge

Co Teacher: Matt Koceich

No memorizing.

Sports Club

Lead Teacher: Pam Eason

Co Teacher:  Kim Schutt

Sports and games/

Ukulele Club

Lead Teacher: Stacie Bates

Co Teacher: Ms. Rodriguez

Beginning ukulele.

Battle of the Books

Lead Teacher: Jill Aldridge

Co Teacher: Nena Johnson

Competitive book club

STEM Club 3rd and 4th

Lead Teacher: Jessica Kivlin

Co Teacher: Diane Wauters

Team building activities that incorporate cooperative learning and critical thinking

Chess Club

Lead Teacher: Ginger Stewart

Co Teacher: Shannon Dutton

Learn the basics of chess

Dance Club

Lead Teacher: Missie Williams

Co Teacher: Lea Costa

Learn various forms of dance styles

Yoga Club

Lead Teacher: Gaby Martinez

Co Teacher: Natalie Johnson

Increase your confidence, consentration and manage stress in a fun and healthy way.

Poetry Club

Lead Teacher: Marilin Cucalon

Co Teacher: Cyerra Robles

Students will explore and interpret different types of poetry

Life Skills

Lead Teacher: Kerrie Filson

Co Teacher: Zoe Clark

Practice and learn self-care tasks and problem solving skills to accomplish day to day situations

Gardening Club

Lead Teacher: Karen Keel

To provide students with hands on experience in gardening and to help keep our school looking nice

STEM Club K-2

Lead Teacher: Jennifer Kirby

Co Teacher: Jessica Williams

Hands on STEM activities to engage students and foster creativity and imaginative thinking.