History & Facts

School Namesake

David Paul Morris, lovingly known as D.P., was born in Fort Worth, Texas, January 10, 1918. He spent much of his youth in Comanche, Texas, where he graduated from high school in 1935. He later earned a bachelor's degree at Howard Payne University in Brownwood and a master's degree at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

In 1937, Mr. Morris began his teaching career in a small Comanche County school district and taught there through 1941. From 1942 until 1945, he served his country in the United States Navy.

In the 1940s, Mr. Morris began a 32-year teaching career at Mansfield High School where he taught English classes. When he retired in 1979, the students of Mansfield High dedicated the school yearbook to him. The heartfelt tribute written to D.P. Morris in the annual reads:

"Your advice and optimistic attitude will carry us through the hard times that will pass our way. Through the years, you have acquired an aura of excellence, on that is much deserved, for when a student receives an A in your class, he knows he has met the challenge. Your energy and endurance have encouraged many students throughout the years to continue to better themselves and not give up the struggle for happiness. We are grateful to have learned under an instructor who will give his all or will give nothing -- a man who cares for his students. Thank you, Mr. Morris. We won't forget."

School Facts

School Mascot - Stars
School Colors - Green, Black, & Gold
Grades Taught - Kindergarten through 4th grade