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Library Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
"Knowledge is free at the library.  Just bring your own container." ~ Unknown

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There is no longer AR in the mornings.

Library Information and Book Check-out Policy

Book Checkout Policy:

Students in grades K-2 may have one book checked out at a time. 3nd-4th graders may check out two.  All books may be checked out for one week, and may be renewed on an as needed basis. Classes visit our library weekly for instruction and checkout. Students may utilize our Open Check Out program which allows students the flexibility to visit the library individually on a more frequent basis.

Parents, please help to ensure your child is a good library citizen and returns his/her book on time. This is very important when teaching them about being responsible for the materials that they take home.

Access to search for books in DP Morris' library may be done from the classroom, or home, by visiting the Destiny website.

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Discovery Education

Discovery Education Streaming is an amazing resource for digital classroom media. Over 5000 videos, 20,000 images, 4000 audio files, 20,000 encyclopedia articles, lesson plans, classroom tools, and much, much, more!

Time-saving portal to thousands of online resources to explore children's and young adult books and their authors. Immediate access to short movies, audio book readings, book discussions, and more.